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Ivy Men's 7s Championship

Apr 30 2016

Dartmouth hosted the 2016 Ivy League 7s Tournament in Hanover, NH on April 30. With the whole Ivy League present except for Princeton, Dartmouth entered two teams into the tournament. The Big Green looked to defend its home turf and did not disappoint, with both the A and B side teams sweeping their respective brackets to secure a first and second place finish.

The A-side team dominated their games with a score of 35-7 over Cornell, 57-0 over Columbia, and 42-0 against Penn. The B-side was equally as dominant beating Brown 26-12, Yale 40-0, and beating Harvard in the closest match of the day 24-17. The Big Green played one additional friendly match against Cornell with a mixed squad and won 24-7.

After the tournament Coach Hickie stated “We were delighted to host our fellow Ivies at Corey Ford this Saturday. The tournament gave us a chance to look at some different 7s combinations since our success in Bermuda.”

Penn won the Plate, defeating Yale 32 -0. A combined Dartmouth side beat Cornell for the Shield after Brown dropped out because of injuries, and Columbia came away with the Bowl after a decisive victory over Harvard.

Pools final standings

A Pool
1 = Dartmouth
2 = Columbia
3 = UPenn
4 = Cornell

B Pool
1 = Dartmouth 2
2 = Harvard
3 = Yale
4 = Brown

1A v 1B = Cup = Dartmouth v Dartmouth 2 = did not play each other in final
2A v 2B = Bowl = Columbia 45 v Harvard 5
3A v 3B = Plate = UPenn 32 v Yale 0
4A v 4B = Shield = Dartmouth III  24 (Brown dropped out after pool play) v Cornell 7

Final standings Ivy 7’s Spring 2016
1 = Dartmouth
2 = Dartmouth 2
3 = Columbia
4 = Harvard
5 = UPenn
6 = Yale
7 = Cornell
8 = Brown  - left after pool play due to shortage of players

Dartmouth vs #2 Seed Harvard

Big Green faced its biggest test against number 2 seed Harvard in their final bracket play matchup. On the line was a place in the finals against Dartmouth A.

A defensive interception from Jack Badenhausen gave Dartmouth B a 5-0 lead. However, Harvard was quick to retaliate with a try of its own taking the lead 7-5. Some solid passing from Dartmouth and a selfless pass from Gordon Driscoll led a full field try from Chris Nkoy putting up Dartmouth 12-7. A few knock-ons and some nice steps from Harvard led to a couple Harvard tries giving the Crimson a 17-12 lead.

But Dartmouth wasn’t ready to quit. A beautiful dummy by Jack Badenhausen led a great try tied up the game at 17. With only seconds left and Harvard ball, senior Will de Chatellus commanded a great defensive push pressuring Harvard into a lofted pass, which Andrew Zhu grabbed and ran into the try zone for a nail biting Dartmouth win and securing a Dartmouth sweep.

Going forward the Big Green will look to continue its success. Gavin Hickie offered his remarks about the rest of the season saying, "We have a very competitive extended 7s squad and we will travel to West Point on May 15th for a 7s tournament before we set our sights firmly on the CRC."

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The Ivy Men's 7s Championship tournament took place April 30, 2016. This date was confirmed in consultation with USA Rugby. Dartmouth hosted the 2016 Ivy Men's 7s Championship. Matches took place at Corey Ford Rugby Clubhouse, Brophy and Battle Field.




11:00 am (Brophy)

Dartmouth 35 v Cornell* 7

11:16 am

11:00 pm (Battle)

Penn 19 v Columbia 26

11:16 am

11:19 am (Brophy)

Dartmouth II 26 v Brown 12

11:35 am

11:19 am (Battle)

Harvard v Yale

11:35 am

11:38 am (Brophy)

Dartmouth 57 v Columbia 0

11:54 am

11:38 am (Battle)

Cornell 17 v Penn 19

11:54 pm

11:57 am (Brophy)

Harvard v Brown

12:13 pm

11:57 am (Battle)

Dartmouth II 40 v Yale 0

12:13 pm

12:35 pm (Brophy)

Dartmouth 42 v Penn 0

12:51 pm

12:35 pm (Battle)

Columbia 31 v Cornell 19

12:51 pm

12:54 pm (Brophy)

Dartmouth II v Brown

1:10 pm

12:54 pm (Battle)

Yale v Harvard

1:10 pm

1:35 pm (Brophy)

Shield Final

1:51 pm

1:57 pm (Brophy)

Plate Final

2:13 pm

2:19 pm (Brophy)

Bowl Final

2:35 pm

2:41 pm (Brophy)

Cup Final



2:57 pm


Dartmouth Clubhouse​Brophy Field, Battle Field and Corey Ford Rugby Clubhouse are all part of the home of the Dartmouth College Rugby.