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Pitch Side Concussion Assessment

Pitch Side Concussion Assessment
Pitch Side Concussion Assessment
Temporary replacement - Head Injury Assessment

The law amendment trial, known as "Temporary replacement - Head Injury Assessment", or the Pitch Side Concussion Assessment (PSCA), is a global trial in Elite Rugby (Professional/International) ONLY. 

Jim Rogers, Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Referees Society President, reports that, "we're seeing some confusion on this subject, so please pass this along to all teams, coaches, administrators, and trainers. The Pitch Side Concussion Assessment is a trial and does not apply to the US on any level."

"If a referee suspects a player has a concussion, that player should be removed from the game and replaced. Under no circumstance is that player allowed to return to play after being replaced."

3.9 The referee’s power to stop an injured player from continuing
If the referee decides – with or without the advice of a doctor or other medically qualified person – that a player is so injured that the player should stop playing, the referee may order that player to leave the playing area. The referee may also order an injured player to leave the field in order to be medically examined.

For additional information contact Jim.