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Dartmouth wins lineout v Cornell at Cory Ford on homecoming weekend
Dartmouth wins lineout v Cornell at Cory Ford on homecoming weekend

Dartmouth Men Homecoming Win Over Cornell

Oct 29 2016 - 12:00pm

Hanover, NH- Dartmouth hosted Cornell this weekend for homecoming. With some tough weather conditions and a number of alumni visiting, it ended up being a hard but solid day of rugby. Coming off a win at Columbia the Big Green looked to go 6-0 in the Ivy League.

When asked about the game, Captain Hayden Aldredge stated, “In the rain and cold, we persevered for our alums, homecoming was lit.”

In an absolute downpour, Dartmouth started off the game defending against a large Cornell team. However, solid defense from Dartmouth led to a blocked kick in Cornell’s try zone and a nice play and try from Pat Sheehy. Dawit Workie connected on the conversion and put Dartmouth up 7-0. Another heads up play from Hayden Aldredge on a quick pick and go led to a 14-0 Dartmouth lead. Fuller Winton broke through a couple Cornell defenders to put one under the posts and extended the lead to 21-0. The very next Big Green possession, Struan Coleman danced through a broken Cornell defense, scoring a try and added another 7 for Dartmouth. The play of the game went to hooker Gordon Driscoll who received a ball from a lineout and stepped his way into the try zone, beating at least 7 defenders, to get his first try of the game, putting Dartmouth up 35-0 just before the half.

Dartmouth came out firing in the second half thanks to a great run from Luke Bienstock. A made conversion helped to extend the lead to 42-0. Julien Johnson followed up with a try of his own, but the first missed conversion of the day held the score to 47-0. Steven Hinshaw barreled through the Cornell defense to get another try for the Big Green and increased the lead to 54-0. A deterioration in weather led to a bit of sloppy rugby from both sides, but as time expired Max Parker punched in one last try to close out the game 61-0.

Dartmouth B side faced off against Cornell after the end of the A side game and easily handled the Big Red. Historian Jake Greenberg scored his first career try in the match. Go Jake!

Dartmouth has its first bye week next week, but will face off against Penn at home on November 12.

Dartmouth Scoring

'8 Dartmouth try Pat Sheehy '20
'8 Dartmouth conv Dawit Workie '17
'12 Dartmouth try Hayden Aldredge '17
'12 Dartmouth conv Dawit Workie '17
'18 Dartmouth try Fuller Winton '19
'18 Dartmouth conv Dawit Workie '17
'23 Dartmouth try Struan Coleman '19
'23 Dartmouth conv Dawit Workie '17
'37 Dartmouth try Gordon Driscoll '17
'37 Dartmouth conv Dawit Workie '17
'43 Dartmouth try Luke Bienstock '20
'43 Dartmouth conv Pat Sheehy '20
'50 Dartmouth try Julien Johnson '18
'55 Dartmouth try Steven Hinshaw '18
'55 Dartmouth conv Pat Sheehy '20
'79 Dartmouth try Max Parker '17
'79 Dartmouth conv Pat Sheehy '20

Dartmouth Men 1st XV

1 Paul Gudmundsson '17
2 Gordon Driscoll '17
3 Krieg Greco '17
4 Steven Hinshaw '18
5 Struan Coleman '19
6 Fuller Winton '19
7 Benji Hannam '18
8 Hayden Aldredge '17

9 Ollie Englehart '18
10 Pet Sheehy '20
11 Luke Bienstock '20
12 Jack Badenhausen '20 
13 Dawit Workie '17
14 Julien Johnson '18
15 Max Parker '17


16 Reed Kuivila '19
17 Liam Morris '19
18 Peter Badenhausen '18
19 Ian Sullivan '18
20  John Brady '18
21 Andrew Robinson '19
22 Pat O'Neill '19
​23 Jesse Brown '17

Cornell Men 1st XV

1    Matt Raysor     '20
2    Ethan Venosa     '17
3    Zach Tretler     '19
4    Cole Thienes     '19
5    Tom Beirne     '20
6    Will Knutson     '17
7    Spencer Nagle     '17
8    John Schuler     '17

9    Grant Wenzinger     '17
10    Otto Godwin     '17
11    Dan Capelin     '17
12    Ryan Heavirland     '18
13    Eddie Hogan     '18
14    Nic Jedema     '17
15    Ryo Inkyo     '17


16    Justin Kozma     '20
17    Ho Yin Cheung     '19
18    Graham Sabo     '18
19    Jesse Thompson     '20
20    Sam Clymer     '20
21    Bogac Gursoy     '18
22    Patrick Schutz     '20
23    John Carboni     '20

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