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Yale vs Cornell scrum
Yale vs Cornell scrum

Yale 21 - Cornell 13

Cornell Men (13) at Yale Men (21)
Nov 7 2015 - 1:00pm

Cornell visited Yale for a 1 p.m. match. Tries by Charlie Hill '18, Jacob Woocher '16 and Luke Thomas '16 with three conversions by Evan Brown '16 helped Yale to a 21-13 win. There has been some positive play for the Bulldogs this Fall, with Yale scoring 18 tries in their 5 league games.

A B-Side game was scheduled for 2:30 p.m. There was a parent's BBQ along with the games. 


@YaleRugby And it's kickoff!
YaleRugby Woocher takes it from midfield to the tryline, popping it to Luke Thomas for a score in the corner. Evan Brown conversion 7-0.
YaleRugby Cornell kicks for points off of a Yale penalty. 7-3.
YaleRugby Cornell try, missed conversion. 7-8.
@YaleRugby Yale goes from kickoff to tryline, with another great try by Luke Thomas. Evan Brown slips in the conversion. 14-8.
YaleRugby Cornell try, missed conversion, 14-13.
YaleRugby Woocher threads the needle with an unreal try. 21-13, Evan Brown conversion.
YaleRugby 21-13 to end the match. Thanks for coming out, Cornell!

Cornell Men 1st XV

1. Jeff Kruse

2. Luke Baranek

3. Ethan Venosa

4. John Schuler

5. James Kubasu

6. Joe Principato

7. John Segreto

8. Chris Groton

9. Jon Furman

10. Tris Glanfield

11. Dan Capelin

12. Ryan Heavirland

13. Eddie Hogan

14. Grant Wenzinger

15. Ryo Inkyo

Yale Men 1st XV

  1. A Geritano
  2. B Herbert
  3. C Hill
  4. K Weisman
  5. L Metcalfe
  6. W Roberts
  7. E Tharpe
  8. J Donovan (Captain)
  9. P Kaprahnov
  10. E Brown
  11. L Ryan Schreiber
  12. N Stevenson
  13. E Williams
  14. L Thomas
  15. J Woocher
  16. U Sychou
  17. D Ficenec
  18. AJ Ding
  19. N Silva
  20. S Cockburn
  21. J Goode
  22. S Massey
  23. N Owusu

Yale Rugby Football Club has a designated field in the Northwest corner of the intramural fields right on campus.